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  3. MIS and BI Systems - Big screen production display
Real Time Informed Decision Making
Understanding the interdependence and limitations of equipment, resources and supply chains is crucial to effectively managing throughput of systems. Early warning indicators coupled with risk based mitigation strategies allows a more effective response to variation in operations.
A well designed management information system should complement and integrate all existing software systems. Structured data at the right level of granularity provides greater visibility and understanding of real time operations.
A management information system should have roll-up and roll-down functionality across the vertical of the organisation. This functionality enables the effective tracking of budget and operational variance against targets and historical information.
The implementation and management of process controls that can be tracked operationally by means of measurable real time KPIs is fundamental for informed operational and management decision making.
Key Features - MIS and BI Solutions
  1. No system or software purchase required.
  2. Informed real time decision making.
  3. Integration of all PLC, ERP, quality and adhoc systems.
  4. Big screen displays of current operations.
  5. Early warning indicators and associated risk mitigation strategies.
  6. Top down target setting and variance tracking of KPIs.
  7. Supply chain and supplier variance management.
  8. Enhanced horizon, maintenance and risk planning.
  9. Improved operational responsiveness.